University of Glasgow School of Engineering

In August 2010, the former Departments of Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics & Electrical Engineering and Mechancal Engineering combined to form a new School of Engineering.

University of Glasgow Dept of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

About us

We have been delivering world-class engineering education and research for more than 150 years and are the oldest School of Engineering in the UK.

Engineering the future ...

The creation of a unified School of Engineering in 2010 provides an exciting environment to study and undertake world-leading research.


We offer an exciting range of undergraduate degree programmes that include not only the core engineering disciplines (Aeronautics, Civil, Electronics & Electrical and Mechanical Engineering) but also unique specialist degree programmes, such as Biomedical Engineering, Product Design Engineering, Electronics with Music and Civil Engineering with Architecture.

We also offer a broad range of postgraduate degrees that provide continuing professional development in response to global industrial and governmental needs.


The School provides a superb research environment with world leading research groups and facilities, with a vibrant PhD programme and a wide variety of research topics. Our research covers a broad range of Engineering subjects, as well as the interfaces with biology, chemistry, computer science, medicine and physics. We are part of the Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering (GRPE).

By continuing to invest in internationally excellent research and by providing an outstanding learning environment for talented students from all backgrounds our aim is not only to maintain this position, but to improve upon it, thereby retaining our status as one of the select number of institutions which are regarded as being the best in the world.


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