UTEC StarNet

UTEC StarNet provide 3D Asset management software solutions, surveying, inspection and professional services worldwide to the oil and gas, telecommunication, renewables, civil engineering and nuclear sectors.

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UTEC StarNet is a UK-based International company that provides a wide range of surveying, inspection and design services worldwide to the Telecommunication, Renewables, Civil Engineering, Oil and Gas and Nuclear sectors. It was founded in 2000.

UTEC StarNet offers a ’world first’ turnkey model for Infrastructure site development, maintenance and upgrade, and it is a pioneer of the use of laser scanning technology as an innovative Asset Management solution.

It is also quickly expanding in strategic markets such as Renewables, Oil and Gas and Nuclear providing a worldwide range of survey services from topographic and hydro-graphic culminating in precise 3D laser scanning asset/dimensional control.

UTEC StarNet has developed a web-based interface which drastically simplifies Asset Visualisation and Management (iSite) . This user friendly portal allows the client to view project data over the internet via  UTEC StarNet secure access.

The keys to success in UTEC StarNet's business are:

  • Significantly reducing customer operating costs by 50%
  • Providing consistent expertise and timely and accurate information to fulfil client needs
  • Offer turnkey service with competitive pricing for the quality of products and services
  • Building long-term relationships with clients to develop a loyal repeat customer base
  • Nurturing the capability for innovative product development and technology advancement

UTEC StarNet Value Proposition:

  • The Asset Management tool UTEC StarNet's iSite has proven to be crucial in winning major contracts. UTEC StarNet has endorsed this product in its business model and has created a strategic marketing and pricing approach bespoke to each sector.
  • UTEC StarNet will distinguish itself by reinforcing reliability and expertise with competitive pricing.
  • No other organisation in the UK currently has the comprehensive portfolio of expertise, products and services to offer in the target markets.
  • Organised to deliver flexible and bespoke services along with “one stop shop” approach for target markets.
  • Significant investment in assets and innovative solutions.


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