Veracity UK Ltd

Veracity designs, develops and markets innovative transmission, data storage, display-processing products and integrated command & control platforms for network video surveillance applications.

Veracity UK Ltd

Veracity is a fast-growing technology company set up and managed by a team of industry veterans, privately financed and independently run.

With a global sales network, including dedicated offices and expert teams located in Scotland, England, Europe, North America, Middle East and India, and partnered with some of the biggest names in the business, we are the market leader in a number of our key sectors.

Veracity products include IP Transmission, Data Storage and Video Wall Controller devices for network video surveillance applications. Through recent strategic acquisitions, Veracity’s portfolio now includes complete PSIM and command and control software systems primarily for security control rooms, where it offers a modular, integrated security application platform for command and control, alarm receiving and video management. 

Our current product range include IP video connectivity products for network video surveillance applications, including Ethernet-over-coax devices, LAN and POE extenders, POE switches, NTP time servers, and solid-state video recorders.  These products save time, effort and cost, and are designed to ease the transition from analogue to IP cameras.  Our video data storage products are based on ground-breaking and patent-protected new hard disk storage array technology, designed specifically for video surveillance and especially suited for applications requiring the reliable storage of huge amounts of video data for long retention times.

We aim to build an enduring enterprise of high value and enviable reputation. At the foundation of our business is a desire to identify, innovate, develop and supply unique and cost-effective solutions that meet the wide variety of scenarios and challenges faced by our customers - building trust and long-lasting relationships with these customers to help them deliver their security projects across the world.  

Veracity is headquartered in Prestwick, Scotland, with all product R&D managed in Scotland.  Most of our products are manufactured in Scotland.