Wabtec Rail Scotland

Wabtec Rail Scotland is a Kilmarnock based Company which specialise in Railway rolling stock refurbishment and wheelset overhaul.

Talent Scotland

Part of the Wabtec Corporation, Wabtec Rail is a single source of a complete range of specialist skills, resources and technologies that are helping to make the country’s railways better.

Our extensive facilities in Doncaster occupy 22 acres. The site has direct rail links with the national network and first-class motorway links. We also provide a total range of off-site services at our customers’ own facilities, which can be located anywhere in the UK.

Whatever the project, we focus at all times on quality and safety.

Passenger rolling stock


Our fully-trained maintenance staff have experience of all types of overhaul.

We regularly undertake C4 and C6 heavy maintenance to coaches, diesel multiple and electric multiple units in addition to overhauling bogies, wheel sets and brakes. Our equipment includes comprehensive lifting facitlties capable of handling all rolling stock. Whatever the project we work to the very highest standards whilst minimising vehicle downtimes.

Interior refurbishment

Winning and keeping passengers is as much about appearance and comfort as it is about ensuring trains run on time. Today vehicles need to look good and reflect care and commitment on the part of operators.

Our refurbishment teams are involved with the complete spread of interior enhancement activities including undertaking full interior refurbishment and refinishing, fitting new floor coverings, the installation of passenger information and CCTV systems, the installation of OTMR recorders, the introduction of new seating and the creation of RVAR-compliant seating areas.

Combining practicality with aesthetics, we make sure that rolling stock looks its best and performs to the highest standards.

Re-painting and re-livery

Our ultra-modern facility is capable of applying all types of paint systems and can accommodate vehicles up to 23m long.

Accident repairs

Following approved procedures we repair all types of damage to rolling stock caused by crashes or accidents. We have full electrical test facilities and the skills and expertise to work on both aluminium and steel-bodies vehicles.

Air conditioning

Through a specialist unit we have total in-house air conditioning expertise across all types of system. This covers repairs, refurbishment and fitting of new systems. For more detailed information please see our separate air conditioning leaflet.

Door systems

Our in-house team of specialist technicians undertakes the repair, overhaul and fitting as new of all types of passenger door systems. For more detailed information please see our separate door system leaflet


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