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Jas P Wilson are UK based forestry & firewood machinery suppliers and engineers. Established in 1964, we now serve customers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond from our base in Dalbeattie, South-West Scotland. We stock firewood processors, log splitters, kindling machines, Botex timber loaders/trailers, winches, chippers, harvesters & forwarders parts & more. Additionally, we’re agents for Posch, Lasco, Avant, Igland, Keto, FAE, SP and TP.


Formed in 1964 by the late James Pearson Wilson ‘Jas P’ Wilson, originally began life as an agricultural contracting business, diversifying onto drainage in the 70’s before finding our niche in forestry in the nineties.

Today, still family owned with James’ sons playing key roles in the business, Jas P Wilson has developed into the UK’s leading national supplier of forestry equipment and machinery. We look after customers of all shapes and sizes, including forestry contractors, woodland and estate owners, firewood dealers and local councils.

Our fifty plus strong team of skilled designers, engineers, service and sales staff operate from an ever-expanding 20,000 square metre base here in Dalbeattie, South-West Scotland, home to our workshops, design studios, offices and dedicated training centre.

A modern business with old fashioned values

Whilst Jas P Wilson has certainly changed a lot in size over the last 50+ years, our way of working, thinking and dedication to looking after our customers certainly has not.

We remain absolutely committed to sourcing, supplying and servicing quality machinery and equipment that performs, gets the job done and is built to last.  The relationships with many of our manufacturers and suppliers across the UK and Europe stand for decades.  We know our products inside out and have complete confidence in supplying you with exactly the right equipment whatever your requirements.

With a focus on forestry and firewood equipment, our core product range includes saws, chippers, firewood processors, kindling machines, forestry winches, loaders, trailers, mulchers and harvesting equipment.

Alongside new products, Jas P Wilson stock one of the largest and widest ranges of used machinery, equipment and spare parts in Europe, which we ship internationally.


We proudly manufacture the complete Botex range of loaders, trailers and attachments in our fully equipped factory and testing facilities right here in Dalbeattie, South West Scotland.

As well as continual investment in the latest equipment and infrastructure, we also aim to employ the best local talent, provide continual training and build on our successes for the good of our customers.

Our in-house specialist product design and mechanical engineers bring decades of experience within the industry; together they understand the needs of their home market like no other. We take pride in the knowledge that our trailers and loaders are the only units designed and built for the UK market, and through this, they can easily handle our often challenging environment.


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