Wray & Entwisle

We are a technology development company working in the field of SAAS applications for very high speed no-static web sites.  The principal product line is a set of daemons which link together to form a trading engine that has been physically test to over quarter of a million transactions per second.

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We are a small company with large ambition.  We are based in Glasgow city centre, but our clients are worldwide. Over 90% of our income is from export to the Americas (South and North).  We operate in diverse but related markets ranging from sports betting to financial trading.

The company ethos is to build product which is 'best for purpose'.  We call ourselves The Foundry as we take old-fashioned principals of 'how to make something' and apply them to the software industry.  We are innovative thinkers that take our roots and experience in software engineering very seriously, and apply the knowledge to the internet world.


116 Elderslie Street
G3 7AW