Daniel Smith, Founder & Creative Director tells us how his AstroAgency team is driven by a passion for space, to explore the universe, connect the world and enhance and protect life on earth.

Daniel Smith AstroAgency

Who we are

We provide both existing space sector supply chain companies and new entrants to the industry with strategic marketing support; a unique combination of brand building techniques, detailed technical knowledge, market intelligence for identifying new revenue streams and extensive PR and events support.

Our ability to translate technical language and concepts into key messages aimed at specific target audiences is what enables us to distinguish ourselves from the competition.

Our diverse team of 18 Astro Agents support over 25 global space sector organisations, from satellite companies to spaceports, downstream data companies to space sector suppliers. We also support local and national governments with space industry guidance and intelligence.

What we do

Headquartered in Edinburgh, we have an international presence in Sweden, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Italy, Canada and various parts of the UK. Our virtual office and technology helps us connect as a team, respond quicky to clients, grow our business in new markets and aligns with our ethos around sustainability, an important issue on Earth and in space.

We have significant practical experience of working in the commercial space sector, and our strong connections ensure every client has the support they need to thrive in the fast-moving NewSpace market.

We have a passion for applying our expertise in branding, communications and market intelligence for the space technology, and we work with our clients to amplify their key messages to reach new sectors, investors, customers and the general public.

We are driven by the knowledge that space brings a host of positive benefits to life on Earth. By growing and connecting NewSpace businesses, we strive to promote and foster the benefits of a diverse space sector that acts in a sustainable manner.

The AstroAgency team is driven by a passion for space, to explore the universe, connect the world, enhance and protect life on earth. We put collaboration at the heart of our team, working with clients and connecting NewSpace businesses.

We are not a marketing firm with an interest in space; we’re a space company focused exclusively on providing a voice for key players within the global space sector.

Our Services

  • Branding, Marketing, PR & Events
  • Space Market Intelligence
  • Funding and Investment Guidance

What makes us different

  • Undisputed global leader in space marketing
  • In house space sector experience and practical knowledge of challenges/ opportunities
  • Unique skills combination; marketing, technical, business development
  • Strong personal reputations & connections

What is it like to work for AstroAgency

We combine all of the inspiration and innovation of the space sector with the creativity of working within a marketing agency. Each client offers something unique and completely different, so our team are provided with a window into every facet of the space sector’s full value chain.

As our company continues to grow, we’re always on the look-out for professional, talented and ambitious people who want to be part of the formative, fast-growing, commercial NewSpace sector.

There’s no need to have experience in the space sector as our core team have that in abundance. But we do look for space enthusiasts and individuals that want to collaborate on building awareness in the benefits that space applications bring to local communities, businesses and the environment.

As a global company headquartered in Scotland, we offer the freedom of working from home in the UK or around the world, together with the flexibility of travel opportunities for team building and events.

Edinburgh is positioned as the space data capital of Europe, there are more satellites built in Glasgow than anywhere outside of California and Scotland has no less than five developing spaceport locations.

We are always interested in hearing from talented individuals who would like to join our team.