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Engineers choose to work at EC-OG because of the innovative technology and the dynamic culture.

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EC-OG are specialists in subsea energy storage, delivery and generation. From their base in Aberdeen, EC-OG have been developing the Subsea Power Hub, an entirely new technology which delivers power directly to the point of use on the seabed.

With continuing optimisation of the product, EC-OG has been growing their team of engineers. Jackie Carnie, QHSE Lead at EC-OG explains, “The company started six years ago with three people round a kitchen table. There is now a team of 26 based here, but it still feels like a family, with everyone involved. We’ve seen a period of rapid growth and that will continue as we scale up for production. Finding the right skilled engineers is essential for the business and something that we are working hard at.

“I’m involved in a wide range of processes that help the business to run smoothly and one of them is recruitment. We’ve chosen to recruit staff directly where we can and we’ve seen this working well. The people in our team all have their own connections and networks and that’s enabled us to grow organically. However, it’s not the whole story.

“We’ve also developed close partnerships with the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University (RGU) offering internships to engineering students. In some cases, these have turned into permanent employment and we are delighted when that happens.”

“For example, Anil Prathuru started as a part-time Graduate Engineer at EC-OG in 2017 whilst studying for his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at RGU. He now works as a full-time Mechanical Engineer, focusing on data, thermal and structural analysis. Before moving to the UK to complete his PhD, Anil worked as a research assistant working on novel materials in his native India.”

“In 2018 we also took on Chinese national Xiangyin Meng, he is a Senior Mechanical Engineer at EC-OG, working on numerical simulations focused on fluid and structural interaction. He completed a PhD on multi-phase flow and heat transfer at the University of London and also taught offshore design and marine engineering at Newcastle University for 4 years.”

Anil said, “I chose to join EC-OG because I felt like it would be a great opportunity to employ the knowledge and mechanical engineering skills that I gained throughout my education. Being straight out of university, I’m really happy to be working within a company which is pushing the boundaries with disruptive technology. I am empowered to express my opinions and make decisions. It’s definitely a good place to start my career.”

Xiangyin Meng added, “I like working at EC-OG because of my great colleagues, the atmosphere and the good international culture. Having worked with several different forms of open source software throughout my PhD, I thought joining EC-OG would be a good opportunity to implement and adapt this software in a practical environment. I am making a real difference here and that’s a great feeling.”

In 2015 the company received a grant of £1.2m from Scottish Enterprise. This enabled EC-OG to attract further investment and complete the research and development phase of the project. The company is now on the cusp of the first commercial deployment of the system, with further company growth in sight.

To accommodate this continued company growth and expansion, EC-OG recently secured workshop premises in Aberdeen which is now being fitting out as a world-class product development facility.

The Subsea Power Hub is designed to provide localised electrical power to Oil & Gas subsea infrastructure, at the heart of the Subsea Power Hub system is a proprietary energy storage and management technology developed by EC-OG.

Jackie says, “We are constantly on the lookout for people with the right engineering skills and expertise to join us. We know it’s an exciting place for engineers to work, because the product we are developing is really innovative.”

EC-OG are always looking for talented and creative people to join their team

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