Helping companies make smarter energy decisions is at the heart of esave’s philosophy.

Neil Watson esave

One of the main challenges is getting firms to comply with environmental legislation in a way that benefits them, rather than viewing it purely as a box-ticking exercise. Neil Watson tells us more about esave’s journey so far including company culture, achievements and its plans for the future.

About esave

I co-founded the company in 1999 with Managing Director, George Michie. We have grown organically since then and have reinvested profits in the business to help develop our reputation and customer portfolio not just in the North of Scotland, but in the rest of the UK and overseas too. We have previously worked on projects in Norway and Angola & Ghana and are currently exploring opportunities in Asia & South America.

The company has developed a range of products and services to help companies reduce their environmental impact, and whilst our focus is on being sustainable business experts, not just energy experts, we do this with a very clear focus on getting clear, business results for our clients.

The company has invested a lot of resources into its own software platform. ensenus is an online data management and reporting tool which takes real time information directly from electricity, gas and water meters and presents it to customers via an easy to use online portal to help them save money.

Working for esave

The happiness and wellbeing of our employees is something we’ve always taken very seriously. We recently had a staff satisfaction report carried out independently by Skills Development Scotland to assess the culture of the company. We have four employees with technical engineering backgrounds, but the company has a broad range of people. In terms of qualities, analytical and communication skills are two of the main things we look for when we’re hiring.

The results showed that our employees like working at esave, but as with most aspects of business, there are always improvements that can be made and we’re now working on a plan to make things even better across the board. We have a relaxed structure in the business and trust our employees to take on a lot of responsibility in their individual roles.

Our location in Inverness provides a busy but pleasant working environment with picturesque views from the office over the Caledonian Canal. Our approach to recruitment has always been to provide training and opportunities for advancements in-house so people can learn, progress and challenge themselves.

From the beginning, our philosophy has been a simple one - exceeding client expectations. George and I make sure we spend as much time as possible talking to customers to check they’re happy and highlight any potential areas we could improve on.

Working in Scotland

One of the many company achievements I’m proud of is the fact we’re still here 17 years after we started and have continued to expand in a measured and manageable way. Scotland has a global reputation for innovation in the energy and sustainability sectors, and as a well-established firm, that’s something we’ve tried to build on.

There is a lot of competition for our products and services from organisations based in the rest of the UK, so we have to keep striving for improvement.

I’m a firm believer in helping Scottish companies (and those further afield) undergo a shift in mentality to viewing environmental legislation as an opportunity, as opposed to an unwelcome distraction they’re being forced to comply with. Sustainable business leads to profitable and successful business.