GE Oil and Gas

GE Oil and Gas is a world leader in supplying products and services for the energy sector. This expanding company now has thousands of employees across the globe. CEO of Subsea Systems Rod Christie tells us about the exciting opportunities in the company’s Scottish facilities.

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GE Oil and Gas provides Subsea production technology. We specialise in manufacturing Wellhead technologies both for oil and gas and the control systems associated with them.

We also produce composite pipes used to bring deep water reservoirs back to the surface.   Our services side of the business is associated with overhauling, installing, and upgrading these technologies.

Globally the business has grown to 5,000 employees - and we we’re expanding to meet our growing customer demand.

At our Montrose facility in Scotland we’re add new people to increase our machining capability.  And our Bridge of Don facility is also developing- we’re revising the layout and workflow to improve the work environment.

We need a variety of skilled people

In Montrose we’re mainly looking for machining capabilities.  This includes shop floor machinists, manufacturing engineers and materials engineers. We also have a range of positions in Aberdeen – everything from finance and HR to engineering and project management.

What it’s like to work for us

If you are a skilled professional and you want to advance your career, there are lots of opportunities at GE Oil and Gas.  Really you could spend your entire career with GE Oil and Gas and never get bored or stuck in one position because there are so many different areas to explore within the business.

We think development across the organisation is important so we regularly review our existing capabilities, succession planning and business expansion.

In our Scottish facilities we have employees from all over the world – from America, Africa, Australia and Asia - which creates an enjoyable and diverse working environment.

The oil and gas industry is very strong in Aberdeen so there are a lot of opportunities here.  Within GE, you can grow with the business, move internationally or try out a completely different area of the company. Your options are endless.