Responsive Access

Christina Lenshyna, Chief Operations Officer, tells us how each space mission is unique and anyone joining the Responsive Access team will have the opportunity to gain new experiences and knowledge in one of the fastest growing sectors, locally and internationally.

Christina Lenshyna Responsive Access

Who we are

Responsive Access is a launch mission management company that streamlines the process of launching small satellites via an online mission management portal. The platform’s development has accelerated in recent years, through our acceptance into the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre UK.

The portal includes a series of in-built services that cover launch brokerage, environmental testing for satellites, logistics and license support, as well as insurance guidance. We aim to provide a complete “one stop shop” for space launch, cutting costs and time, allowing our customers to remain focused on their payload development.

What we do

Our Services:

Mission Management

  • Spacecraft Manifesting
  • Environmental Testing
  • Integration Service

We provide assistance for all aspects of any small satellite space mission, from initial planning to assisting with manufacturing and testing, to delivery of the payload to the launch site.

Ancillary Services

  • Insurance
  • Ground station service
  • Consultancy

Launch Services

We offer an extensive end-to-end logistics solution for space industry players. Through our partnerships with spacecraft manufacturers, launch service (rocket) providers, ground station services, legal, logistics and insurance companies, we are able to provide services and support mission assurance and in-orbit activity.

  • Satellite Deployment
  • Microgravity research
  • Hosted payload service

What is it like to work for Responsive Access

Responsive Access focus on the fast-growing small satellite market (SmallSat, CubseSat, NanoSat, PicoSat, etc) due to the huge demand for launch in this area, bringing together clusters of clients’ payloads to be launched on both small launchers and as secondary payloads on larger vehicles.

It means as our company continues to grow, we’re always on the look-out for professional, talented and ambitious people that can take our business to the next level. Our company expands horizontally as we aim to grow our technical, marketing and business directions. Each space mission is unique and anyone joining our team will have an opportunity to gain new experiences and knowledge in one of the fastest growing sectors, locally and internationally.

We are always interested in hearing from talented individuals who would like to join our team.