Hymans Robertson

Hymans Robertson has been providing actuarial advice and consultancy services to the occupational pensions market for over 90 years. The independently run partnership works in both the public and private sector. Managing Partner James Entwisle tells us about opportunities within the company and the skills and qualities they’re looking for.

Hymans Robertson

At heart of it we are really analysts and risk managers.  Primarily we look at defined benefit schemes but we are equally capable of applying those skills to other areas of risk management.

We don’t believe in standing still and we’re continually developing.  The firm recently launched a Risk Modelling Consultancy (RMC) practice to assist banks and life insurance businesses with risk management.

We’ve also developing our Club Vita subscription research database into longevity trend analysis - making it the largest database of its kind in the UK.

What it’s like to work for us

We provide offers investment and actuarial consultancy, pension scheme design and management, third party administration and risk management consultancy.

Because we help design and implement pension plans and a whole range of employee benefits, it’s important that the communication around this is strong.

Our values are to be friendly, partnering, confident and straightforward. And we look to our consultants to put a human face on complex mathematics so that pension scheme members, trustees or sponsors understand the real issues.

Our offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh have around 600 staff - of which around 200 are actuaries.
Scotland is a very strong market for us and we do a large amount of UK-wide work out of our Scottish offices.

Good with numbers, skilled communicator and a little extra

We’re continuing to expand and we’re looking for talented people with a broad outlook. Numeracy and communication skills are obviously important, but it’s the something extra that we’re also interested in.