4J Studios

Award-winning 4J Studios has developed products for all popular console game systems, and is renowned for developing Minecraft for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo games consoles. Art Director David Keningale provides insight into their success and highlights upcoming opportunities in 4J Studios Dundee office.

David Keningale Art Director 4J Studios

Whilst still creating and maintaining our many Minecraft Downloadable Content packs, we have embarked on an exciting new phase prototyping and developing new console products.

The art team works with an equally experienced core team of designers, technology experts, and programmers. It’s a great place for sharing knowledge, experience and continually learning new skills!

Working for 4J Studios

Our ethos combines innovation, creativity, and technical excellence with efficient production practices.

A recent example of this is the Minecraft Star Wars™ Mash-up pack, where we worked with Mojang, Disney and Lucasfilm, and we pushed Minecraft to its limits: we created the largest Downloadable Content map in a mash-up pack to date, complete with complex scripting to enable a hyperspace travel system and flyable fighters.

In addition to this, we created 15 major locations and over 100 characters, all whilst on a tight production schedule with a detailed approval process and taking great care to produce assets that would require minimal feedback from Lucasfilm and maintain our strict deadline.

Admittedly it can be a fast-paced work environment but there’s a lot of opportunity to develop a rewarding career.

4J’s work on Minecraft has amassed numerous awards, including:

  • UK Best Selling Game – 30 Years of Play 2019
  • BAFTA Best Family Game 2015
  • Golden Joystick Award – Best Downloadable Game of 2012
  • PlayStation Awards 2017 – Double Platinum Prize

Of course, it’s always nice when your hard work is recognised and appreciated!

On the back of our Minecraft success, the future looks very bright for us. Our company is continuing to grow and develop, and we are looking to add to our skilled team with talented graduates and those with experience: Technical Artists, UI Designers, 3D artists and Animators.

We are always interested in hearing from talented individuals who would like to join our team.