Rockstar North

Edinburgh-based Rockstar North launched its fifth instalment of Grand Theft Auto in September 2013. Becoming the best-selling video game ever, it reinforces their position as a creative powerhouse in Scotland’s games sector.

Rockstar North

Rockstar North’s Studio Director Andy Semple tells us about the company and why Scotland draws talent from around the world.

Work at the forefront of games development

The Scottish games sector benefits from the close relationship between local development studios and the availability of great higher education courses focused on games.

There seems to be a great willingness from thriving Scottish studios to foster and support new talent.

Rockstar North works closely with local universities to help provide the burgeoning industry with the next generation of creative talent. We’re heavily involved in the pioneering initiatives Dare to be Digital competition and Abertay University’s Prototype Fund.

The vibrancy of the capital is a huge factor in Scotland’s game development success. Edinburgh is a diverse cultural hub so we attract world-class development talent from all over the world.