Quotient is a major bio-manufacturing organisation supplying vital products to companies and health care centres across the world. Corporate Senior VP & Chief Technical Officer John Allan tells us about the business and their ambitions to continue to grow.


Originally part of the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service, in 2007 Quotient separated from the service creating a spin-out new company. Since then we’ve continued to grow, mainly supplying liquid reagents to instrument manufacturers for incorporation into their instrument platforms.

Our products are in all the major international companies in the field, from Japan to the US and throughout Europe.

What it’s like to work for us

Although we have a departmental organisational structure, there is a significant project culture. There’s a lot of collaboration happening within the business. For new products in addition to the Product Development department, the Manufacturing, Quality, Regulatory Affairs and commercial departments are all involved in the process.

In this industry, there is an increasing requirement for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. This has made a big impact on our business. GMP guidelines and the increasing worldwide demand for our products means we’ve expanded from 55 employees when it was spun-out to 220 now in Edinburgh. We also have 15 employees in the US and a further 51 in Switzerland.

We need skilled people across the board

We’ve taken on over 125 additional staff over the last year and we’re continuously recruiting in all our locations.

There are currently opportunities across the board - from Sales and Marketing to Quality and Regulatory Affairs and Scientists for our R&D teams. Over the next year we hope to hire a further 10 - 15 new staff in Scotland.

If you’re motivated and prepared to take on additional responsibility, we want to hear from you. Complying with procedures is essential in our business so we need people who have and apply the right care and attention to detail in everything they do.

We aim to provide our staff with the right specialised skills and experience through ongoing training programmes. Our internal training courses also help staff build their knowledge.

We work hard but we also like to play. We have regular social functions for our staff, such as Christmas parties and summer barbecues to allow people to get to know one another and encourage team-building between various departments.