Glasgow and Boston-based life sciences firm Sistemic is growing fast due to its innovative work in cell profiling and drug development. Chairman and CEO Jim Reid tells us about the company’s achievements and exciting future plans.


Sistemic uses micro-RNA profiling to better understand biological systems. Our work has applications in cell characterisation and quality control as well as drug discovery and development.

At present there are no good ways to characterise stem cells satisfactorily and ensure the quality is as good as it should be.  We thought the use of miRNA profiling, using our SistemQC™ approach for this unmet need was a very interesting concept that would give us a novel intellectual property position.

We started to see that we could use our technology to study the positive and negative effects of drugs, but also as a method of profiling cells themselves.

Our unique approach to cell profiling quickly attracted interest from the cell therapeutics and drug development industries.

What it’s like to work for Sistemic

We aim to encourage innovation and free thinking to keep our research and development at the cutting edge.

We have a ‘hybrid’ model at Sistemic, which means we deliver on collaborative projects as well as progressing our own research.   And we strive to be efficient and effective, continually driving up the quality of our own research and development (R&D).

Today our clients are split almost equally between these two activities, and cover USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and some new clients in Israel. We also have several Scottish clients, including Edinburgh’s Roslin Cells, FibromEd and the University of Glasgow.

Scotland is a wonderful place to work and provides a robust business environment. The country funds a huge amount of academic research and there are excellent support structures to get businesses moving.

We need your skills

We want to build a strong, sustainable business of scale in Scotland and our aim is to bring in the best people globally to Sistemic.  We are recruiting and hope to add more people to our team.

It’s an exciting time to work for Sistemic because people are looking for better ways to develop drugs and control the quality of their stem cells – and we can offer exactly that.