Brian Rutherford, Director & Co-Founder, Eyecademy

Brian Rutherford, Director & Co-Founder of Eyecademy tells us how the company originally launched as a training organisation specialising in Data and Business Intelligence software. This forward-thinking company now covers the whole Data lifecycle with every team member having an important part to play.

Bryan Rutherford Eyecademy

What we do

In 2008 I founded Eyecademy with my Business Partner Colin West. Originally, we launched the company as a training organisation specialising in Data and Business Intelligence software. We soon built a good reputation as being experts in this area. Many of the clients we trained would come back and ask us to work with them on specific projects and that’s how we began to expand into a company who could cover the whole Data lifecycle. We now have a team of consultants across the UK who work on a variety of projects across many different sectors.

In recent years we have expanded our offering again and moved into software development, AI and Data Science. We find ourselves able to offer a unique selling point by building solutions that sit at the intersection of these three types. We can build Software solutions that use Data Science techniques to solve specific business questions.

We’ve been building on this foundation and have developed software solutions for a wide variety of sectors such as the Construction Industry where we were able to predict Waste or the Health sector where we developed a mental Health app that could learn and suggest targeted resources.

What is it like to work for Eyecademy

Eyecademy is very much a forward-thinking company and we are always striving to stay on the cusp of a very fast-moving industry. Our team are professional and progress driven with each team member playing an important role in any project. Many of our team members are multi skilled and we find this makes the role much more interesting. For example, we have graduates who have joined us with Data Science qualifications but who have built on this to become Data Engineers or Pre-Sales consultants.

Everyone in our team is important. We like to think that every voice counts and is heard in our company. We are proud of our team who are all independent-minded strategists who collectively help us as a business to thrive and deliver the best solutions to our clients. We help them to build a career strategy to grow and develop expertise in different areas. We know that our success is tied to the success and satisfaction of our team.

Living and working in Scotland

Eyecademy is a company that has embraced remote working so you do not need to be living in Scotland to apply for a position. Having said that, you are welcome to base yourself in Glasgow where we have our head office. Glasgow – known as the friendliest city in the world - has much to offer with its vibrant music scene and fantastic restaurants and bars.

This city isn’t short in opportunities to grow your tech skills with many events and tech companies gathering in this city. Not only was Glasgow meeting point of the last COP26 but it is also UK’s biggest tech investment hub and one of the fastest growing digital tech economies in the UK.

Glasgow is the UK’s leader in fintech education, meetups and AI expertise, while Scotland is leading in funding tech-driven development and education. Hence, Glasgow is a great spot for anyone starting off in this industry or wanting to boost their tech career.

We are always interested in hearing from talented individuals who would like to join our team.