Claus Marquordt, CEO and Co-Founder, Integrated Graphene

Stirling-based Integrated Graphene is uniquely positioned to disrupt the graphene industry as they launch their 3D Graphene Foam, Gii, which is set to overcome the hurdles associated with graphene’s commercialisation. CEO and Co-Founder, Claus Marquordt tells us about working with technology with an almost unlimited scope and the ambitious plans for growth that will open up significant career opportunities for the scientific community in Scotland.

Claus Marquordt Integrated Graphene

Integrated Graphene

In the face of all the uncertainty and austerity associated with a global pandemic, it is refreshing to hear of those who are bucking the trend and advanced materials manufacturer, Integrated Graphene is growing at a rate of knots. For those unfamiliar, graphene is the wonder material of the 21st century, famous for being nearly 200 times stronger than steel, flexible, nearly transparent, and highly conductive to heat and electricity. Since graphene is just a single layer of carbon atoms connected in a 2D hexagonal sheet, it is also extremely thin and lightweight, and therefore an attractive material for nanotechnology applications.

There has been a lot of talk about commercial applications for graphene since its characterisation but, so far, the real applications in industrial or commercial products have been very limited. The challenge so far for many other suppliers has been in retaining the unique properties of graphene when applied to products and applications. Where Integrated Graphene is different is we have been able to design a production method that allows us to grow pure 3D Graphene Foam directly on any surface, at room temperature, in seconds.

We have developed a novel 3D Graphene Foam manufacturing process, enabling innovators across the world to access the properties of the wonder material graphene within their application. We have invented a process that removes the cost, variability and stability issues inherent in all graphene manufacturing processes to date, enabling pure 3D Graphene Foam to be accessed by product innovators.

Our first product, Gii-Sens™ enables laboratory tests to be translated to the point of need within the human diagnostics market. Gii-Sens™ provides better performance than precious metal electrodes (e.g. gold) at a much lower cost. We are also using Gii™ to produce the world's first pure graphene supercapacitor, Gii-Cap®, to enable fast charging and smart power for product innovators to fulfil global green electrification agendas across limitless applications. Those are our chosen beachhead markets as they offer the best opportunities to reach the market fastest but the technology also lends itself to an almost unlimited set of opportunities, which presents significant opportunities for growth.

Central to our growth will be the recruitment of the best and brightest who will thrive in a fast-paced environment, with access to disruptive technology and seeking to change the world. There is already a lot of excitement about the endless possibilities that Gii™ provides and, experienced in designing and developing point-of-care diagnostic systems, we will be offering unique opportunities to be part of cutting-edge customer and internal projects that seek to put novel products on the market. Our scientific development team is comprised of a collection of scientists, engineers and process manufacturers which is supported by the commercial department. As we continue to expand, developing new business functions – there are always opportunities across a variety of disciplines.

Working for Integrated Graphene

Being the world’s leading force in 3D graphene means we will attract the industry’s best talent, full of aspiration who are ready to overcome challenges that will positively impact the world. New hires will be joining a mission-driven company that is focused on delivering far better and more sustainable products in a plethora of products. We have worked hard on curating a dynamic and encouraging workplace that is propagated on working alongside very smart, open, curious, and action-oriented people with opportunities to learn at every turn. In this start-up environment, we afford opportunities to try all sorts of things and grow your skills well beyond what you were initially hired to do or would be able to do in a large organisation.

Working in Scotland

I think if you look at the makeup of our workforce you will see a diverse, international team with a rich tapestry of different nationalities and cultures. I think that speaks volumes about the unique combination of the professional opportunity and cultural experience afforded of living in Scotland. Scotland is famous for several things including its stunning scenic landscape, its rich history, its contributions to inventions and science, its cultural warmth and hospitality and of course its temperamental weather. On civilisation, French philosopher and author, Voltaire famously stated “We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation.”

Alongside my fellow co-founder Marco Caffio, it says a lot that we have migrated our families and chosen to set up our business in Scotland. Our office is based in Stirling, famous for its castle and the Wallace Monument, is a central part of historic significance, is conveniently commutable from both Glasgow and Edinburgh for those wanting to experience city life in either of Scotland’s major cities.

We always want to hear from talented individuals that are eager to join our team.