Debbie Wake, CEO and Chief Medical Officer, MyWay Digital Health Ltd

CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Debbie Wake, tells us why her team are passionate about improving care for those with diabetes and why they pride themselves in keeping the end users at the heart of their decision making.

Debbie Wake

Who we are

Here at MyWay Digital Health (MWDH) we deliver transformative diabetes care globally through affordable population-based solutions. We provide data-driven knowledge and advice to patients, and health care professionals and aim to improve care, save lives and save money.

Our team is passionate about improving care for those with diabetes. We pride ourselves in keeping the end users at the heart of our decision making with a number of our team having a personal understanding of what it means to manage and live with the disease.

Our leadership team has decades of experience in:

  • Clinical care
  • Informatics- including national systems development
  • Data integration
  • Digital health service delivery
  • Education delivery
  • Research

Our aim is providing a first-class user experience and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. We are professional in all our dealings, providing value for money and collaborating in an open and helpful manner.

We seek to make a positive contribution to society, operating in an ethical manner that strives to reduce its environmental footprint.

Our products include:

  • My Diabetes My Way - the first diabetes self- management system with national deployment
  • MyWay Clinical – an integrated clinician and organisation management tool
  • MyWay Education – comprehensive diabetes education site

What is it like to work for MyWay Digital Health Ltd

We have been expanding year on year since our inception in 2017 and now have a team of 20+ staff. As our company continues to grow, we are always on the look-out for professional, talented and ambitious people that can help take our business to the next level.

As a small company, working for MWDH provides you the platform to have a voice and make a change, we operate with honesty, respect, equality and fairness in all aspects of our business. We like to ensure our workplace is a fun, stimulating and rewarding environment. Empowering employees to take responsibility wherever possible and appropriate. This company exists because of its employees and they will always be at the heart of the business.

The team regularly meet up, we have annual summer and winter team get togethers which encourages bonding and a great team spirit – which is fostered throughout the year also. It is a fantastic company to work for, it offers flexibility, career progression, and you are valued as an individual. We are looking for motivated, passionate and driven people to come join our team

Living and Working in Scotland

We have offices in Edinburgh and Dundee, a small office in London and are setting up a middle east office in Dubai.

We were very keen to keep our head office in Dundee where the company was founded and where our roots are and home of SCI-Diabetes, a fully integrated shared electronic patient record which supports treatment of NHS Scotland patients with diabetes, so being involved closely with this innovative system at the forefront of diabetes care, Dundee remains a natural fit for us.

Having an office in Edinburgh is a lovely mix of history, culture and beautiful countryside minutes away from the hustle and bustle of a capital city. Technology is at Scotland’s heart, and is home to a large and vibrant Medical Technology industry which continues to thrive and provide innovation around the world. So for MWDH to be a part of that is very exciting.

Scotland is a wonderful country to work, it has so much to offer with its rolling hills, beautiful cultural cities and a wide range of all year, all weather activities to appeal to everyone. It is definitely a must for anyone considering moving to Scotland.

We always want to hear from talented individuals that are eager to join our team.