David Hunter, Founder and CEO, Shot Scope Technologies

The Shot Scope wristband is an innovative piece of wearable technology which helps professional and amateur golfers alike to improve their game. Founder and CEO David Hunter explains why being based in Scotland is so important for the business and its plans for global expansion.

David Hunter Shot Scope Technologies

Shot Scope Technologies

I founded Shot Scope Technologies back in 2014 after spending many hours manually collating and trying to analyse data on my own golf game using spreadsheets. With my background in electronics design, I thought there had to be an easier way to use data to become a better golfer.

Designed to collect and analyse over 100 key stats from each round, the Shot Scope wristband interacts with unique tags inserted into the grip of every golf club to identify shots, club used and log GPS information. This data can be quickly uploaded to any smartphone, tablet or computer.

The company has quickly expanded to a team of 20 and our initial focus is establishing the product in the UK. We are being inundated with enquiries from the US and that’s going to be an enormous opportunity for us from September 2016 onwards. The Shot Scope wristband conforms to the Rules of Golf and therefore can be used in professional tournaments. However Shot Scope have designed the system to benefit players of any level who want to improve their on-course decision making and shoot lower scores.

Working for Shot Scope Technologies

One of our biggest achievements to date has been assembling a strong group that can take the product forward. Our team consists of software engineers, electronics experts, front & back end developers and commercial staff.

Raising the required finance to allow us to develop the initial idea into a reality has been another major accomplishment which has taken us to where we are today. We received strong support from Scottish angel investors, Equity Gap, Edinburgh University and Scottish Investment Bank.

We have a number of graduates in the business and they are given the responsibility and freedom to flourish from an early stage. Staff retention and career progression are firmly rooted in our company culture and we want our team to grow as the business grows. Recruiting is challenging, Scottish Enterprise and TalentScotland have been instrumental in helping us find the right people who relish working in such an innovative sector. We currently have employees from Scotland, France, Ireland and Dubai.

Working in Scotland

As the ‘home of golf’, Scotland is the perfect base for the business, but it is also the centre for our design and manufacture. This provides us with a unique selling point, especially when we take the product across the Atlantic, into Europe and hopefully China and Japan in the future.

The appeal of the country’s tradition and history also extends to the excellent courses, those run by the universities in Edinburgh and Glasgow in particular. These establishments are preparing people with the types of industry-ready skills our business requires now and in the future.