Skilled in Global Business Services? Progress your career in Scotland

Let your career flourish and have your pick from an established cluster of global companies already based in Scotland.

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Scotland has over 500 contact centre and GBS companies. It's home to the facilities of some of the largest European companies, drawn here by the right mix of talent, quality infrastructure and support.

Scotland was ranked as the best performing region for inward investment outside of London in the UK by Ernst & Young Global Investment Report in 2014 and is a major location for European companies to locate their GBS operations.

Recent investors include Concentrix, Cigna, Ceridian, Teleperformance and Sykes.

With over 215,000 people employed within financial and business services, supplemented annually by over 97,000 graduates, Scotland offers high quality, flexible staff with skills covering range of front and back office activities. There is no better place to expand your career.

Scotland has a proven model of language recruitment and many of our centres offer dedicated foreign language services.

Want to work in one of Europe’s leading financial centres - second only to London in the UK? Come to Scotland. Our growing financial services sector offers opportunities in everything from insurance and banking to investment management and asset servicing.

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