Skilled in science? Progress your career in Scotland

How good is our science? It’s not just good - it’s exceptional. From discovering penicillin to cloning 'Dolly’ the sheep and creating the bionic hand, historically we’re one of the best. And we continue to innovate and inspire the future. You can too - in medical technology, pharma services, regenerative medicine and more.


In Scotland you won’t just work in science – you’ll build a diverse and rewarding career in a thriving industry making new discoveries every day. From hands-on scientists, technologists and researchers to CEOs and and sales and marketing professionals, there are exciting opportunities at every level.

Expand your career in world-renowned organisations like Charles River Laboratories, Life Technologies, and Johnson & Johnson - to name only a few. Work for exciting Scottish companies that are doing ground-breaking work like Touch Bionics, developers of the bionic hand.

Life sciences best and biggest

We’re not only one of the best, but also one of the biggest. Did you know Scotland has one of the largest life science clusters in Europe, with a significant international presence in research, development and manufacturing? In fact, more than 600 organisations and 30,000 employees make up this industry.

Pioneering research to life-changing products

Scotland has always been at the forefront of medical innovation. Pioneering research coupled with close proximity to hospitals, drug clinics and world-renowned research organisations, means you can truly collaborate, bring brilliant new concepts to life and life-changing products to market.

Edinburgh BioQuarter's impressive one-stop public healthcare, academic research and commercial lab space and BioDundee‘s scientists and innovative companies within a three-mile radius are shining examples of this invaluable collective approach.

Top international companies and universities

Scotland has 19 universities and higher education institutions, and our life sciences researchers are among the most productive in the world as measured by the number of publications and citations. Our universities are at the forefront of research and development, conducting some of the world’s prominent cancer, infectious disease, stem cells, genomics and diabetes studies.

Globally connected

We’re doing brilliant work at home and abroad – and our community extends to the international life sciences industry. We have established links between Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, propelling exchanges in investment, trade, technology, design and research and development.

Be exceptional in Science

Scotland also boasts life science trailblazers like nuclear transfer techniques expert Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, and one of the most respected cancer specialists in the world, Professor Sir Philip Cohen. So it’s only right that we continue to seek out the best and brightest. Could this be you?

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