Skilled in pharma services and contract research? Progress your career in Scotland

Scotland is one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting locations for contract research. In fact, we conduct more medical research than anywhere else in Europe per head of population. So whether you’re a scientist, researcher or regulatory support expert, there’s ample opportunity to expand your career.

Pharma Services

Our tradition of pioneering the development and assessment of new drugs and therapies makes us an ideal place to progress your career in areas such as drug discovery, contract research or pharmaceutical manufacturing and preparation.

Work for the best

In Scotland, you can work for the best. We’re home to some of the world's top contract research companies like BioReliance and Charles River Laboratories. 

We’re also a recognised leader in clinical contract research. Two global leaders in contract research – Quintiles and PPD – are also based here and have awarded Scotland the location of choice ‘preferred site’ status for clinical trials. 

If you want to work for a home-grown company, BioOutsource, Biopta and CXR Biosciences are some of the award-winning Scottish companies doing outstanding work in contract research. 

We offer a dynamic pharmaceutical manufacturing and preparation company base, including innovative companies like Solid Form Solutions, Ingenza and Encap Capsugel, all providing challenging environments within the business for high calibre individuals.

Supportive, collaborative work environment

Our long-standing clinical and biomedical expertise is supported by university research. 

Here you’ll find a supportive, first-class environment to work in. The University of Dundee was voted the best European scientific institution to work in and exceeds Cambridge and Oxford Universities in life science citations. (source:The Scientist)

In Scotland, you can draw on the expertise of a number of world-renowned universities and academic research institutes to deliver quality research. We also benefit from a well established and streamlined approval and contractual processes – resulting in faster research and development approval and set up times.

Expand your career in Scotland

Use your skills to develop an exciting career in one of the world’s top locations for pharma services and contract research. There are multiple areas you can use your skills and expand your knowledge in, such as:

  • Drug discovery - basic research, lead discovery, screening, lead optimisation
  • Preclinical contract research - pre-development safety, dystrophia myotonica protein kinase (DMPK), preclinical development safety, bioassays, immunoassays, molecular genetics, safety pharmacology, carcinogenicity, investigative toxicology
  • Clinical research - clinical trial management, clinical research nurse, clinical trial assistant, post market surveillance, biostatistics, regulatory, data management, study monitoring, pharmacovigilence
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and preparation - formulation development, process development, release testing

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