Skilled in stem cells and regenerative medicine? Progress your career in Scotland

Scotland is home to Europe’s largest stem cell research hub. Our revolutionary scientific breakthroughs like 3D stem cell valve-based printing and Dolly the sheep continue to transform stem cell and regenerative medicine. Be a part of the future of science.

Regenerative Medicine

Scotland is uniquely positioned to develop your career in renowned life science organisations, state-of-the art laboratories and leading academic institutions. New and exciting opportunities are literally around the corner. Our key centres for stem cell research are conveniently located within a 90-minute drive of one other.

Here you’ll be able to use your expertise in exciting areas such as cell therapy clinical trials, cell line manufacturing, clinical and translational research and stem cell technology research and development.

Not only are we home to Europe’s largest and most highly regarded stem cell research hub, but we also boast a community of experts that includes front runners like Professor Sir Ian Wilmut and Professor Ian Chambers.

Our interdisciplinary university research, backed by the highest ethical standards, makes us the ideal location to conduct stem cell research. In fact, Scotland was chosen to conduct the first approved ATMP stem cell clinical trials in the UK.

If you want to work one of the best, Scotland is the place. Based on citation impact, we’re first in the world for stem cell research and fourth in the world for clinical medicine research.

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Did you know that the UK's most advanced pilot-scale embryonic stem cell clinical manufacturing facility – the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine – and the world-leading Institute for Stem Cell Research are both based in Scotland?

Here you can work for top companies like Roslin Cells, Sistemic, Pharmacells, BiogelX and many contract research organisations who have adopted exciting stem cell enabling technologies.

From ‘bench to bedside’, there are ties between our academic sector, public sector and commercial enterprises. Our strong university and industry links can help you to convert stem cell research into therapeutic applications.

Our collaborative approach offers fast and efficient approval of multi-centre clinical research studies so you’ll get to see the benefits of your work.

Our centres of excellence in genetics, medicine and technology based in Scotland include the University of Edinburgh MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine. And in addition to excelling at home, Scotland also has strong research links with Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East.

You have the skills Scotland needs. So why not expand your career in our acclaimed life science organisations, state-of-the art laboratories and leading academic institutions?

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