Skilled in translational medicine? Progress your career in Scotland

We’re leading the way in translational medicine – speeding up the process of developing drugs to treat human diseases. Be a part of Scotland’s outstanding network that is globally recognised for its excellence.


Developing your career in translational medicine in Scotland is a very exciting venture. Unlike other places in the world, our unparalleled network of scientific and clinical expertise has created robust, collaborative work environments and fast-tracks life-changing therapeutic developments.

This includes:

  • an clinical academic research base with globally competitive trial recruitment and start-up times
  • high quality teaching hospitals
  • state-of-the-art clinical research facilities
  • an extensive cradle to grave patient database – uniquely allowing the entire country to act as one research centre

Our nationwide collaborations between researchers, pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial organisations and the National Health Service (NHS) are instrumental in developing innovative ways of speeding up drug development – ultimately benefiting patients.

A network of opportunity at your fingertips

Our network of science parks and technical centres spread across the country are in close proximity to universities and industrial zones. The £600 million Edinburgh BioQuarter offers academic, clinical and commercial facilities in one location, making it a world-leading centre for biomedical research and development.

Complex collaborations – proven ability

Did you know that some of the most prominent cancer studies in the world are conducted at the Cancer Research UK-Beatson Laboratories in Glasgow? You can work to deliver exciting complex collaborative translational projects in multiple key diseases right across the country.

A pioneering £10.8 million agreement between Dundee University and a consortium of leading pharmaceutical companies aims to accelerate the development of improved drugs to treat global diseases such as cancer, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. This is a testament to Scotland’s winning formula of infrastructure, skills and university networks in the drug development space.

Leading research and world-first collaborations

We’re a leading research hub and boast four university centres of excellence in translational medicine - Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Expand your career in Scotland

Explore Scotland’s endless exciting prospects in translational medicine. Whether in academia or industry, you can expand your career in our distinguished network of scientific and clinical expertise.

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