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The digital technologies industry is truly global, serving markets around the world. Sophisticated cyber security systems, cloud computing and big data analytics are just a few areas where Scotland is leading the way in technology, data and AI.

Long recognised for its excellence in innovation, today Scotland presents boundless opportunities for tech professionals with a variety of skills. The industry has a highly skilled workforce but there is a continual need for highly talented people with a wide range of skills to join the growing businesses across a range of sectors ranging from finance and energy to space, engineering and health sciences. Explore opportunities in coding, machine learning, informatics, data science, software development and more.

Major technology companies originating from Scotland include Skyscanner (travel search), FanDuel (e-sports), FNZ (wrap platforms), and Rockstar North (developer of the record-breaking Grand Theft Auto game franchise and many other successful games).

What’s more, Scotland offers an outstanding quality of life in a truly memorable location. Enjoy stunning scenery, cosmopolitan cities and rich culture when you base yourself in our welcoming, friendly communities.

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