Why Scotland’s the place for a career in cyber security

Got the passion and skills for a job in cyber security? As a major tech and financial hub, Scotland is the ideal location to progress your career.

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As more and more everyday tasks move online, cyber security has become an essential service – and Scotland’s cyber security industry is booming. With a longstanding reputation for financial services, data and digital expertise and tech innovation, Scotland is a great place for a career in this exciting and ever-changing field.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Scotland for the next step in your cyber security career:

A fast-growing industry

Scotland’s digital security sector is growing fast. From Edinburgh’s buzzing digital tech hub, to Glasgow’s fast-growing software development community and Dundee’s renowned gaming industry, cyber security talent is in demand.

The number of cyber security firms in Scotland increased by 300% between 2017 and 2019, providing boundless career opportunities for those with the right skills. Scotland is already home to 15 financial institutions with cyber security departments, a growing number of secure operation centres (SOCs) and many solution providers. These include:

  • Major banks such as RBS and Tesco Bank
  • Global financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Standard Life Investments
  • Globally recognised solutions providers such as Dell, ATOS and Oracle
  • Major players in cyber security such as Adarma, Fortinet and Capgemini
  • Innovative indigenous SMEs like Maidsafe, The ID Co and Cyan Forensics

From adversary analysis and digital forensics to fraud security and systems integrity, Scotland is home to a diverse and growing cyber sector which spans:

  • Training, consultancy and professional services
  • Incident response
  • Monitoring, detection and analysis
  • ID, authentication and access control
  • SCADA and information control systems
  • Network security
  • Information risk assessment and management
  • End user device security

Together, these companies employ thousands of cyber security professionals with a variety of expertise. No matter what your specific skillset, you can find a rewarding cyber security career in Scotland.

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Collaboration and support for innovation

Scotland has always led the way in digital security – from the invention of PIN numbers and the ATM, to cutting-edge developments in blockchain, cryptography and ethical hacking.

Today, Scotland has fully embraced the importance of cyber security and is continually looking for ways to stay ahead of the pack. Businesses, government and academia all work together to foster innovation, making this an exciting and supportive place to work.

  • Scotland has a specific plan in place to develop cyber skills and talent. As a result of this focus, we now have one of the most coherent frameworks of cyber qualifications in the world, from entry level right through to university
  • We have 14 higher education institutions offering undergrad and post grad courses in cyber, and the number of cyber PhD’s in Scotland continues to grow year on year
  • Scotland has recently launched new cyber qualifications - progression awards in data security, digital forensics and ethical hacking and a new cyber HNC
  • Scotland has many non formal cyber learning opportunities that cyber experts can engage with. This includes Christmas lectures which reach 2500 school students every year, the cyber bus which takes teachers and kit to remote locations, numerous activities re youth engagement, engagement across disadvantaged area, gender diversity programmes, neurodiversity programmes etc.

You will also benefit from a range of professional networks, conferences and training centres which offer ongoing development opportunities. These include:

  • The Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University: a leading independent source of skills and knowledge to help businesses and communities be safe and successful online
  • Cyber Week Scotland: an annual festival raising awareness of Scotland’s cyber security industry, bringing together experts and showcasing the latest innovations
  • Cyber Scotland Connect: organises meetups and events for Scotland’s cyber community, with all levels of experience welcome

A desirable quality of life

Scotland is a brilliant place to live and work. Rich in culture, history and natural beauty, it’s a country that’s easy to love, with plenty to explore during your time off.

Cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen offer a buzzing, cosmopolitan vibe, with access to stunning landscapes and natural attractions right on your doorstep.

On a practical level, the cost of living here is lower than in other major tech centres. Our enviable quality of life is the result of shorter commutes, plenty of green space and an excellent education system, among other benefits – making this an even better location to build your cyber security career.

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