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Learn why Scotland’s unique blend of innovation, technological expertise and collaboration makes it an unbeatable location for a career in data or AI.

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Rapid developments in AI and machine learning are helping companies process data more efficiently. By collecting and analysing data, businesses can increase productivity, develop better products and services and deliver a personalised customer experience.

Scotland is already leading in this ever-expanding field, thanks to its long history of technological innovation and world-class data research institutions. Here are just a few reasons why Scotland is the perfect place to advance your career in AI and data:

Work at the cutting edge of data science

Scotland has a high concentration of data-rich industries, from finance, engineering and space to energy, health and life sciences. Combine this with a fast-growing Digital Technology sector employing 96,000 people, and you have a recipe for exciting advances in data science.

Scotland’s data scene includes world-class research facilities which work closely with industry and the public sector to drive innovation. For example, the University of Edinburgh alone is home to:

  • The School of Informatics: the UK’s top computer science research centre, and the largest in Europe, with a focus on AI, cognitive science and computational linguistics
  • The Bayes Centre: a world-leading facility for data science and AI, specialising in digital technology, space and satellites, robotics and autonomous systems
  • Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC): one of Europe’s leading supercomputer hubs, recognised internationally for its data research, its work with industry and high-performance computing and high performance Data Analytics education and training
  • The National Robotarium: a world-leading research and development facility that will translate cutting-edge research into technologies to create disruptive innovation in an expanding global market in robotics and autonomous systems, delivering sustainable economic benefit
  • The Edinburgh International Data Facility (EIDF) will facilitate new products, services, and scientific studies by bringing together regional, national and international datasets

A choice of data-driven industries

Scotland recognises that data is a key asset for our economic future. Over £661 million is being invested to help make Edinburgh the Data Capital of Europe, with ongoing opportunities in related fields.

With so many industries focused on data science, there are boundless career options for professionals with a variety of skills. Data-related jobs are available in companies ranging from global tech giants to innovative local startups, including:

  • Skyscanner: the world-leading global travel search site
  • Aridhia: secure digital research environment provider for health data science and analysis
  • AgileCadence: helps businesses optimise their IT system processes through tailored solutions for Microsoft applications
  • Ecometrica: captures space and environmental data to supply insights for business, government and society
  • Spire: gathers unique data from small satellites in a low-earth orbit and pulls it down and through a network of ground stations to solve problems closer to home.

Whatever your area of interest or expertise, you’ll find exciting opportunities to grow your data career and get involved in the latest advances.

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Expand your network and keep up with developments

Scotland is renowned for its collaborative tech community. Researchers, industry leaders, students and professionals regularly work together to share expertise and ensure the local market stays competitive.

Small and large companies alike get support from institutions such as:

  • ScotlandIS, the digital technology trade body and the UK’s only accredited Cluster Management Organisation, which acts as a voice for the industry and encourages collaboration, innovation and ongoing development
  • The Data Lab innovation centre, which helps Scotland make the most of its data and AI knowledge by matching local academic expertise with businesses, funding innovation projects and providing opportunities to network and expand your skills

As a data specialist in Scotland, you’ll also have the opportunity to grow your personal network and keep up-to-date with the latest innovations at a host of conferences, meetups and other events, such as:

  • DataFest: Organised by the Data Lab, this programme of events highlights Scotland’s world-class abilities in data science and AI. Network and learn with the best of local and international talent in the data industry, research and related fields.
  • Turing Fest: One of Europe’s top tech conferences, this annual Edinburgh event attracts renowned speakers from around the world. Connect with leading experts and hear about exciting developments across a variety of fields.
  • Scotland Data Science & Technology Meetup: With more than 4000 members, this meetup group is the best place to find like-minded connections and tap into local expertise. Register for one of their regular speaker events to learn about the latest data and technology trends and find opportunities in the local market. This is run by The Data Lab and specialist data recruitment consultancy, MBN.

A fabulous place to live and work

With buzzing, cosmopolitan cities and stunning landscapes, Scotland offers an outstanding quality of life. Cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Inverness benefit from a lower cost of living than many other major tech centres, as well as shorter commutes, a world-class education system and plenty of green space right on your doorstep.

Wherever you choose to base yourself in Scotland, you’ll also enjoy our warm, welcoming communities, rich history and vibrant culture.

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