Alice Li, Chinese National, Living and Working in Scotland

Nǐ hǎo, I’m Alice. I moved to Scotland in 2013 for my Master degree in university of Glasgow. I have worked in Scotland since I graduated and work as a Procurement Sourcing Specialist in Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Why work in Scotland

I came to Scotland in 2013 for my master’s degree in enterprise management and business development at the University of Glasgow. After I graduated, I found a job in a furniture company as junior buyer. After 2 years, I was promoted to be purchasing and sourcing manager. Then I worked as a Procurement Officer at Peak Scientific for 3 years. My current job is procurement sourcing specialist in Thermo Fisher Scientific.

What's really impressed me about living in Scotland is I have more opportunities to develop my career. I can express my opinions openly with my colleagues and managers. I have received a lot of support to achieve my career goal. Life and work are balanced well and I have time to enjoy my life.

Working in Thermo Fisher Scientific

I work at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a Fortune 500 company to supply scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables, and software services. I work at Thermo Fisher Scientific Inchinnan site as a Chemical Category Procurement Specialist.

During Covid 19, work has been fast paced and busy. Thermo Fisher is the main supplier for vaccination and self-test kits. I am proud to work in the medical industry to support the vaccination supply chain.

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Living in Scotland

Glasgow is a great place to live. You will never feel bored here. Loch Lomond is half an hour away by driving and you can explore the Highlands of Scotland at the weekend. There are so many beautiful parks and gardens in the city if you like to walk or cycle. You can easily find your favourite foods in Glasgow too, there are many nice restaurants and bars in the city.

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