Andre Duarte, Portugal, Coherent Scotland

Olá! My name is Andre. I moved from Portugal to Scotland to work at Coherent. I’m excited about developing my software career here. It’s easy to get around and explore the country, I love the active lifestyle, beautiful scenery and friendly people.

Andre Duarte

Portuguese software engineer Andre was drawn to Scotland after reading about the country’s job market and lifestyle on the TalentScotland website. He works at laser company Coherent in Glasgow. Along with hillwalking and cycling, he’s also discovered an appreciation for whisky.

Why work in Scotland?

After reading about the Scottish jobs market and lifestyle on the TalentScotland website, I was intrigued. It sounded attractive, especially the opportunities for hillwalking and cycling.

The economic situation in Portugal was getting worse so I came to Scotland.

Working at Coherent

The position with Coherent sounded right for me. I work as an embedded software engineer on our Talisker group of products. These are used in industry for scribing and for micromachining materials. I’ve also been involved in developing a new product, which is really exciting.

It’s a very open environment and my colleagues are supportive. While there are often times when we have to react very quickly, the general atmosphere is pretty relaxed.

Living in Scotland

I’ve been surprised at how similar Scottish culture is to Portugal. People are incredibly warm and friendly. I discovered this on my first visit when I got on the train from the airport and someone offered me chocolate!

I enjoy hiking and being able to get up to the Highlands easily. I’ve discovered a taste for malt whisky too. The weather isn’t always great, but besides that it’s all been a pleasure so far.

After changing jobs several times in the last few years, I’m keen to develop in this role. I’m really motivated to stay in Scotland - certainly for the next while. It’s a great place.