Andreas Basekis, Greek National, Living and Working in Scotland

Γειά, my name is Andreas. I work as a Software Engineer for FanDuel in Edinburgh. I am so happy I chose to move to Scotland.

Andrew Basekis at Isle of Skye

Why work in Scotland?

After graduating from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens in 2012, I worked in the IT sector in Greece for two years. However, my career was not evolving the way I would like to and due to the economic crisis, I decided to relocate to another country.

I chose Edinburgh because of the beauty of the city, the job market opportunities and the work/life balance I’d heard so much about.

I didn’t have a job lined up when I came to Scotland, but within two months I secured a contract role as a Software Support Engineer in the education sector. After that, I explored other opportunities in various sectors including energy, IT, and finally banking & finance.

Scotland is a great place to develop my tech career, there is a big demand for engineers and I really enjoy working in a multicultural environment with smart people with various backgrounds and mindsets.

Living in Scotland

The work/life balance in Scotland is great. I can walk to work in 15 minutes and easily access the city centre during my lunch break. I have lots of free time to spend with my family and to pursue my hobbies which include reading, weightlifting and snow sports in the winter (weather allowing).

I love travelling to the Scottish Highlands, I have done a few thousand miles already and I am always taken aback by how beautiful the area is. My favourite place in Scotland is the Isle of Skye.

Andreas Basekis Scotland image

I’m a big ambassador for the Scottish way of life and I am always telling my friends back in Greece they should come and try living here for themselves because I know they would appreciate it as much as I do.

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