Anurag Nandi, Indian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Nomoshkar, I am Anurag. Scotland’s re-imagining as the UK’s premier aerospace hub piqued my curiosity. The scenic allure of the highlands, breathtaking architecture steeped in history, and unconditional warmth of Scotland made staying an easy choice.

Anurag Nandi Indian national

Working in Scotland

I am a Guidance Navigation and Control Engineer at Spire Global UK Ltd. My responsibilities include developing the attitude and orbit control system of nano-satellites, maintaining the attitude control performance of the Spire’s constellation of satellites, and translating customers’ needs into tangible requirements for system design.

Spire’s focus on gathering and cultivating local and global talent makes it a cultural melting pot. Diversity in all aspects is celebrated. With an emphasis on personal and professional development, we leverage a wide range of complementary skill sets to overcome adversity. A fast paced, relentless, and unbounded approach to problem solving while accentuating collaboration, humility, and work-life balance is what I find irresistible about working here.

On a larger scale, Scotland with its fusion of industry and academia, offers a near limitless pool of world class professionals who add substantial value and raise the bar regardless of the task. This is further exemplified by the rapid development of startups and companies in cities like Glasgow. The excitement of directly contributing to this was particularly attractive to me.

Living in Scotland

I moved to Glasgow in November, 2020 at the height of the pandemic. The process was well documented and straightforward. Despite the necessary restrictions, people went out of their way to assist with my transition while being as safe as possible. The Scottish propensity for fostering community and loyalty are qualities that I find endearing and worth emulating.

In Scotland you are only restrained by the extent of your imagination. If you’re an outdoors person, the Highlands and Islands will keep you entertained indefinitely. If city life is more your cup of tea, you have access to legendary pub and music scenes, historic museums and landmarks, and well kept gardens.

Scottish scenery

Scotland effortlessly fuses the old with the new and life here reflects that philosophy. Glasgow’s tenements epitomise this. They come with all of the convenience and amenities of a modern flat and add charm, space and a feeling of community. An effective solution to problems like waste of resources and preservation of identity.

One of the most common criticisms from the uninitiated is that Scottish food is bland. Far from it! Scottish cities are centres of industry and tourism attracting chefs and foodies from all over. Byers Road and Argyle Street in Glasgow are apt examples. From haggis to sushi and everything in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Living and working in Scotland has been a fascinating experience. One that I’d highly recommend. It’s always evolving but its people haven’t lost touch with their past. There is an unrivalled sense of pride and community. An abundance of talent coupled with excellent facilities and resources create a fathomless wellspring of opportunity. Never a dull moment even when the weather might suggest otherwise.

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