Artem Lukianov, Russian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Privyet, my name is Artem! I came to Edinburgh to study Mechanical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University. Once I arrived in Edinburgh, I knew I was never going to leave.

Artem Lukianov

Working in Scotland

As a Mechatronics Engineer, my role involves designing models from scratch, connecting and programming electronics and building functional prototypes. Although I am mostly focused on the mechanical side, this role gives me the opportunity to constantly learn and apply knowledge in mechanical, electrical and software areas.

Living in Scotland

Initially I went to Oxford to start learning English during my summer holidays. It was quite hard for me to understand people at first, but after one month my English improved significantly. I started to wonder if I prepared more, then maybe I could pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), get a high score and apply to Cambridge or Oxford university (of course, I was very ambitious).

I passed the IELTS and decided that I wanted to study at a UK University. I knew that I wanted to study in an Engineering related subject with a preference for Mechanical Engineering. I was unable to secure a place at Cambridge or Oxford, however, I was able to secure a place at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, which is also a great University for Engineering.

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After four years of studying for a bachelor’s degree at Heriot-Watt University I wanted to do a Masters. I started looking at other Universities but because I had fallen in love with Edinburgh I decided to continue where I started.

There are not many places in the world where a beautiful city is surrounded by sea, rivers, canals, mountains and forests all at the same time. It is a perfect place for anyone, for those who enjoy the city life and historical attractions, and for those who enjoy nature and outdoors.

When I arrived in Scotland, I lived with a host family for about a year, I really enjoyed it and learnt more about the lifestyle and local traditions. Then during my second year I moved into a flat with two of my course mates.

Artem Lukianov cycling

Many people travel by bus, but I noticed cycling is quite popular here, so I got a second-hand bike and I’ve now been cycling regularly for 8 years. There are lots of cycle paths and everything is within close proximity. It takes just about an hour to cycle from the west end of the city to the east end of the city by bike.

Scottish Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Scotland is quite simple, people are very friendly and polite. I really like bagpipes, haggis and the weather that can change unexpectedly. That means that not only on a sunny day a bit of rain may refresh you, but on a cloudy day the sun can come out and surprise you.

If you prefer a place with fresh air, clean water, lots of nature, hiking options and stunning views, then Scotland is for you. But not only that, Scotland is growing rapidly in the technology space, supporting start-ups and research and innovation with lots of modern facilities available to study and develop your career.


I really enjoyed the fact that the government allowed people to walk outdoors. Nature is a great place to refresh, recover and gain positive energy.

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