Aslihan Penley, Turkish/British National, Living and Working in Scotland

Merhaba, my name is Aslihan Penley! I moved to Aberdeen, Scotland from Ankara, Turkey in 2003 when I married a sweet Scotsman, as I loved his ‘accent’ after watching Trainspotting! Since then, I never looked back!

Aslihan Penley Talent Ambassador for Scotland

Working in Scotland

I am a Middle East Technical University Graduate and was working in the Oil and Gas sector in Turkey. When I moved to Aberdeen, my career flourished in the Offshore Oil and Gas and I made a lot of money. That followed up with expat positions to Perth, Australia then to Houston, Texas, by the time I reached 40 I had seen half the world! However, I always wanted to move back to Aberdeen, because I love this Country!

Living in a lot of hot places I decided, weather isn’t everything, people make a country! When I think of Scottish people, I think of ‘honesty’ and ‘equal opportunities’.

Last year, I founded ZOEX Power Ltd, won the Scottish Government’s innovation funds, gathered the World Class Engineers from the University of Edinburgh and came up with a novel wave energy device that can be attached onto any marine structure such as breakwaters/jetties/platforms. This is an excellent solution to replace dirty diesel generation used in the Offshore Industry.

This year I was awarded the Unlocking Ambition Entrepreneurial program from Scottish Enterprise. I became a Finalist in the Green Energy Awards and was also announced as the “Winner in Clean Tech and Climate” category for the prestigious AccelerateHER Awards organised by Investing in Women for Female Founders in Scotland.

A woman flourishing in the male-dominated ‘clean tech’, ‘Energy sector’, ‘innovation’ is unheard of in Turkey. Therefore, I feel privileged to have the chance to live my dream in Scotland.

Living in Scotland

I like the lifestyle in Scotland, there is everything you need… and there is no bad weather, only bad clothing! I have two children, Zoe and Alex, at primary school age, and I’m happy to raise them in this honest culture, where sustainable living is engraved in the curriculum. Plus, universities are free in Scotland. In our spare time, we visit Castles, go to gym/swimming/golf and horse riding with my children.

Aslihan Penley Loch Lomond

Lockdown in Scotland

The grass is really Greener in Scotland! During lockdown, we managed to do lots of forest walks, visited the local butcher and fish monger, and drank good wine… We missed travelling to Turkey but did have a wonderful holiday around Loch Lomond last summer which was full of stunning views, lochs (lakes) and Castles.

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