Avnish Kumar, Indian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Namaskar, I am Avnish. I moved to Scotland to learn more about Artificial Intelligence. I love it here because of the people, places and the life Scotland offers.

Avnish Kumar

Working in Scotland

I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Bird.i, a space technology company. My role here entails exploring possibilities blending satellite imagery and artificial intelligence. Our team builds leading edge technologies using computer vision and deep learning.

The workplace is a diverse international community of talented and wonderful people. It is an open space particularly facilitating career growth and promoting work-life balance. I thoroughly enjoy the workspace simply for its flexibility and the peers.

Scotland has a small but vibrant and distinguished community of people and institutions in AI across industry and academia. This means I am in an ecosystem of a world class support group with endless possibilities for growth. This was my primary reason behind moving to Scotland.

It is only when I arrived, I realised the quality of life here is almost unparalleled. The perfect work-life balance is one exceptional incentive which could be a deciding factor in itself especially considering the skewed balance back home in India.

Living in Scotland

I moved to Scotland from India in 2018 to pursue a masters in Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh. The course was perfectly aligned to my interests and with Edinburgh being top notch in informatics, there were no second thoughts professionally.

Once you arrive here, the very first thing you are exposed to is the insane natural beauty. Then, when you have settled in for a few months, you realise the beauty of the people. It is such a welcoming place that it won’t take more than a couple of months to feel at home.

Scots preserve well, from art and culture to whisky! And thus I have thoroughly enjoyed the art galleries and museums (some very unique ones like the Surgeons’ hall). At an hour's drive, you are into the beautiful highlands and I have used every opportunity to do so!

Avnish Kumar highlands image

I have experienced living both in Edinburgh and Glasgow. These cities miraculously provide all the amenities expected from a large cosmopolitan and yet exude the warmth and immunity of a small town. It is perfectly balanced and much more preferable to me than the hustling London.

Now, I am more diverse in my habits, enjoying new activities such as bouldering and keeping afloat the old ones like cricket. And all this is thanks to the amazing friends and strangers I have met here.

I am not emphasising on the steps (visa, accommodation, bank accounts) involved in making the move because the processes are smooth and well documented with necessary guiding steps available online at university/government websites. I have managed everything only with the help of these free online resources.

Scotland has exposed me to diversity, world-class resources and evolved me towards a bright future. I would definitely recommend moving to Scotland without a qualm. Don’t think twice, it’s alright!