Bozydar Swierczynski, Polish National, Living and Working in Scotland

Cześć! My name is Bozydar and I’m from Poland. I moved to Scotland when my girlfriend got a job here as a bio technologist. Now I’m working in Scotland too, as a software developer at an award-winning global software company.

Bozydar Swierczynski GFI

Polish software developer, Bozydar, never thought he’d work abroad but when his girlfriend moved overseas, he followed. His girlfriend is now his wife, and they and their two-year old daughter are happily settled in Scotland’s capital.

Why work in Scotland

After graduating from the University of Technology in Wroclaw I worked as a software developer at a bank. When my girlfriend, who’s a bio technologist, got a job in Edinburgh, I moved with her.

Although it wasn’t always my plan to move to Scotland, it wasn’t difficult for me to find a good job here. In fact, I was contacted about the opportunity at GFI, so I didn’t even have to actively search for a position.

Working at GFI

This is the best working environment I’ve ever been in. There are lots of people at GFI from overseas. In my last team there were two people from England, one from Germany and one from Republic of Ireland, and only one Scot!

My only difficulty has been my English, which isn’t perfect, but I’ve never had any problems when I’m talking to other programmers. Everyone has been really helpful.

At GFI they encourage us to keep learning. Initially I worked at the offices in Dundee, improving existing code. Now I’m based in Edinburgh and I work on new features. I’m learning all the time.

Living in Scotland

I’d only visited a couple of times before I moved so I didn’t really know what to expect but the welcome has been really warm. And Edinburgh is one of the nicest cities I’ve ever seen.

The first time I came to Edinburgh it was nighttime and when I saw the castle all lit up it was like something from a fairytale . I was looking around for a dragon to appear!

We’re really settled here now. We talk to our daughter in Polish and she goes to nursery two days a week to help her learn English, so she’ll be bi-lingual.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and the decision to move to Scotland will always be a personal one, but I’d say there is nothing to be scared of. There are lots of opportunities here for software developers and for me it’s been a really good decision.

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