Brooke Ann Franklin, Zimbabwean National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hello, my name is Brooke! I came to Scotland to study and have been lucky enough to secure a great job in this fantastic country!

Brooke Ann Franklin Edinburgh image

Working in Scotland

I am fortunate to have experienced Scotland as both a master’s student at St Andrews University and as a working Professional in Edinburgh, exploring and thriving in my chosen field of Statistics. Scotland has offered me opportunities to study and work that would not have been possible in my home country, Zimbabwe.

I now work as a Statistician for a Biostatistics Consultancy, Quantics in Edinburgh. We are a small international team with big enthusiasm! Every day I find myself working with clients from all over the world, exploring new datasets and solving problems and developing new skills not taught in the classroom. I couldn’t have asked for a more hands on kickstart to my career.

Living in Scotland

I first set foot on Scottish soil in September 2018 for my master’s degree. The moment I crossed the border between the UK and Scotland and saw the “Fàilte gu Alba” signpost I felt at home!

During my time at St Andrew’s I met a wonderful, diverse array of teachers and fellow students from all over the globe - this experience broadened my horizons greatly both as an academic and in my personal growth and I am very grateful for this time.

St Andrews graduation

I made lifelong friends in a very short space of time. This, as well as the depth and richness of history here and the genuine warmth of the native Scots made me determined to return after my studies.

After finishing my Masters, relocating more permanently to Scotland was surprisingly easy. I arrived in the UK in 2020 and joined Quantics in June. Initially it wasn’t possible to move to Scotland due to Lockdown restrictions, however, I was able to work online.

I moved to Scotland in October and quickly found a happy place to live with three other international professionals from varied backgrounds and with different careers - we’ve had lots to talk about during the long lockdown days!

Having lived in two Scottish cities, St Andrews, and Edinburgh, both very different - I have enjoyed them equally. In Edinburgh I live in the city centre and I feel as though almost everything is right on my doorstep.

From the magical, narrow closes in the Old Town to the busy streets of the New Town - to green spaces and the sea - everything is within walking distance or a quick tram ride away. The only thing that is missing is a nearby munro!

Brooke Ann Franklin St Andrews Beach

I would recommend Scotland to anyone looking for somewhere vibrant to live, work and explore. The people in Scotland have been so warm and welcoming, always willing to share stories, advice and of course, a wee dram!


As a ‘newbie’ to Edinburgh my living experience has only been in lockdown, but every week I have still been able to visit somewhere new. I enjoy being in the fresh, open spaces and being able to keep fit and active. There are still many places to explore and adventures to be had on my Scottish bucket list, personally and professionally, and I am excited to keep ticking them off.