Davide Belpanno, Italian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Ciao, my name is Davide. I moved to Edinburgh to work as a software engineer at xDesign. I would totally recommend moving to Scotland, I know that after 4 years here there's no place I'd rather be.

Davide Belpanno overlooking Scottish mountains

Why work in Scotland

I was immediately impressed with the work-life balance, I feel that both my career and quality of life has improved since I moved here.

Scotland is a very welcoming country and it doesn’t take long to feel at home.

Working at xDesign

xDesign is a very dynamic company, there's a quick turnover of projects, which means there's always a new exciting challenge around the corner and many opportunities to learn and grow, plus, at the same time, the company is committed to the well-being of every employee and guarantees an excellent work-life balance.

What I enjoy most about my job is working in an environment that keeps me challenged and motivated and it also gives me the time to enjoy my personal life.

Living in Scotland

My move to Edinburgh was very smooth and it’s a wonderful city. I can cycle to work every day and it offers a wide range of activities. Initially, I rented a flat in the city before buying my own property a year later. I found everyone to be very helpful and it was a simple process to get a bank account and National Insurance number.

I'm passionate about nature and the great outdoors. I enjoy hiking and Scotland is a great location for exploring all these adventures. A road trip to the highlands is always spectacular. The weather may sometimes not be the best to spend a full day in the mountains, but Scottish cities offer so many rainy-day alternatives.

Angry sky

I really enjoy getting together with my friends and colleagues for dinner in one of the many international restaurants in town, usually followed by some pints in the pub!

I can't tell for certain if I will spend the rest of my life in Scotland, but I know that after 4 years here there's no place I'd rather be.

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