Felisia Martini, Albanian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Përshëndetje, my name is Felisia. I have learnt so much as a software engineer since moving to Scotland.

Felisia Martini The ID Co

A visit to a conference in London opened the door for me to relocate to Edinburgh and be part of a market-leading software company. I’m really enjoying my new life here and the city feels just like home.

Why work in Scotland?

I came to the UK from Albania in 2014 to study for a Masters in Computing and Information Systems at the Queen Mary University of London.

I first became aware of The ID Co. when I met some of the team at a conference and they were open to discussing graduate opportunities with me. After carrying out interviews via Skype, I was offered a job and jumped at the chance to move to Edinburgh.

One of the main reasons I came here was because of my interest in FinTech. There are so many exciting start-ups in Scotland in addition to the well-established financial services firms.

Working at The ID Co.

The ID Co. was founded in 2009 by Canadian entrepreneur James Varga. The company is focused on helping businesses create trust online. The company’s two main products, DirectID and miiCard reach a potential audience of over 500m customers all over the world.

I’ve been at The ID Co. since the end of 2015 and work as a software developer for the DirectID product. It’s a great place to be as a graduate because I’ve been involved in lots of different aspects of the job and have already learnt so much. The team here is amazing and made me feel so welcome when I joined which helped me settle into my new surroundings. They continue to help me whenever I need it and it’s a very positive and supportive environment to work in.

Living in Scotland

Edinburgh has a great lifestyle in my experience and the people here have been very open and accepting. It feels a lot like my hometown so I’m settled here and have found it easy to make new friends.

I love how compact and accessible Edinburgh is. I can walk to work in a short space of time which I wouldn’t have been able to do in London. The living costs are more reasonable here than in London which makes it easier for new graduates like me who are just embarking on their careers.

Company profile

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