Francisco Aisa, Spanish National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hola! I’m Francisco. Moving here has just opened up so many opportunities. Now I’ve got a job doing what I love, it’s both scary and exciting not knowing whether I’ll go back to Spain.

Francisco Aisa Rockstar North

Francisco Aisa was about to sign a contract for a job in Barcelona but was offered a position as programmer with Rockstar North at the last moment. He jumped at the chance to work with one of the biggest companies in entertainment.

Why work in Scotland?

The industry is much bigger than it is in Spain. Everyone knows that Scotland is a vibrant, creative centre for the games industry, it’s a great place to be with plenty of opportunities – Rockstar North for one are based in Scotland. I’d say it’s worth taking the risk and following your dreams.

Working at Rockstar North

I love the fact that I can use the logical, technical side of my brain and be creative at the same time. I get the chance to decide what the game is going to do and then go about making it happen. I love that freedom. It’s a dream job really and the culture here is open and welcoming to your ideas.

Working with Rockstar was a huge step for my career. There’s lots to learn here and I know I’m part of one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. I’m glad they gave me a chance.

Living in Scotland

Of course it’s a big move going to live in another country. Now I’ve got a job doing what I love, it’s both scary and exciting not knowing whether I’ll go back to Spain.

The weather is obviously something that you think about coming from Spain but I’m used to it, even after three months.

The hardest thing was setting up a bank account. Luckily I had some help from Rockstar with expenses and setting things up and they gave me plenty of time to get settled. They were a big help.

I started learning English at school, watched English language TV shows and read English books, so the language isn’t a problem. There are lots of people who want to come and work here but their English is a barrier. I’d say work at it – it’s worth you putting in the effort to open up your career.

I love sightseeing and taking photos here. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city. There are lots of things to do in the city, even though it’s not a big place. And people have been very welcoming.