Iacopo Tempra, Italian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Ciao! I’m Iacopo. I’m from a small village in the Italian Alps and I moved to Glasgow when I found my perfect role with Coherent Scotland.

Iacopo Tempra

Engineer Iacopo Tempra moved to Scotland from his home in Italy in 2014. He now works for Coherent Scotland as a laser system engineer and is enjoying getting to know his new home in Glasgow.

Why work in Scotland

I studied for my Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy, then went on to study for my Masters there specialising in optics and nanophotonics.

After I graduated I was looking for a job as I wanted to leave the research domain. I’d heard of Coherent because I’d worked with one of their lasers during my research, so I looked on the website and saw that there were positions available in Scotland. I sent off my CV and the company arranged for me to fly over for an interview. A month later I had the job!

I was sure that if I wanted to find a good job using lasers I would have to leave Italy. I moved to Scotland in October 2014 and it’s been great.

Working at Coherent Scotland

I’m a laser system engineer so I’m responsible for the optical alignment of the lasers we produce – basically making them work! I enjoy the fact that I’m learning about the building procedures for the lasers and finding an application for all the theory I learned at university.

After I graduated, I wanted to do something related to what I studied and now that I’m here I think that this is the closest job that I could have found to what I was researching. My colleagues are really friendly, and this job is the starting point of my career so it’s been a great opportunity.

Living in Scotland

I work in the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow and have a flat here in Glasgow too. Glasgow is a really fun city and there are lots of things to do. The work-life balance here is a bit more relaxed than Milan, which is a huge city. People here are also more friendly and they help you if you need it.

I like to travel so I try to visit new places in Scotland as much as I can at the weekends. I recently travelled up north and to some of the Scottish islands, which I really enjoyed.   It’s also so easy to keep in touch with friends and family nowadays – my family love travelling so want to come and visit me here soon.

I don’t know what I will do in the future but my plan at the moment is to stay here to get more experience. I like what I’m doing so the timescale is definitely one of years rather than months.