Jitheesh Vattely Ouseph, Indian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Namaskar, I am Jitheesh. I moved to Scotland to work for Digital Boutique as a Technical Lead. I love it here because it is so welcoming and also a very safe country to travel and live in.

Jitheesh Vattely Ouseph

Working in Scotland

I am a Magento ecommerce developer at Digital Boutique. My role is to deliver first class ecommerce web experiences to multiple international clients and ensure that ecommerce visitors can explore, shop and pay with ease.

It's really easy to collaborate with Scottish people; they are supportive and encourage us to chase our dreams. Most of my colleagues are Scottish and they are always offering their support to build my career and life here.

Living in Scotland

Scotland is a really stunning place to live. It has an outdoor lifestyle, where you have the beach and mountains on your doorstep and castles and museums to spend a day in.

Edinburgh is incredibly multicultural so it's easy to find connections here. I’ve already connected with the Indian community including people from my state, Kerala.

It’s also a very safe country to travel and live in. I moved here with my wife and six-month-old child and was afraid about getting sick after moving from a tropical country to a freezing place. But we easily adjusted to the weather changes.

We never get bored while going out – there are plenty of places to visit and spend time with family, like hiking up to the top of Calton Hill to get a panoramic view of Edinburgh or walking along the Royal Mile to explore the shops and see all the historic buildings.

Jitheesh Princes Street Gardens

It was challenging to find accommodation here as the Edinburgh property market has been super busy after COVID. We applied for multiple properties but most of them were already let agreed. We managed to secure a property by living in an Airbnb apartment in Hamilton for one month and then moving to Edinburgh when our flat was ready.

I also faced issues with opening a bank account in high street banks as physical banks require proof of address that is only available after setting up utility bills or council tax. But it was easy to open a bank account with a digital bank like Monzo.

Scotland is a perfect place for people who are looking for a calm and peaceful place to live. You can easily find plenty of opportunities here to build your career and interact with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

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