Lopez (Salva) Salvador, Spanish National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hola! I’m Salva. I came to Scotland from Spain to work at start up WRLD3D Ltd. It’s rewarding and I’m learning new skills all the time. I’m enjoying the friendly people and welcoming cosmopolitan cities.

Lopez Salvador

Brought up in the southern Spanish region of Andalucia, Salva cannot remember a time when he wasn’t playing computer games.  His passion brought him to Scotland to work for innovative start-up eeGeo (nowWRLD3D Ltd) in Dundee.

Why work in Scotland?

I studied software engineering in Seville, then enrolled on a PhD course in computervision in Vienna.  The research was fascinating but the practical aspects of computervision – a field that includes methods for acquiring, processing, analysing, and understanding images – didn’t spark my interest. So I moved to Madrid to do a postgraduate qualification in video games and graphic programming.

I’d applied for a job in many different countries and one of the offers came from eeGeo (nowWRLD3D Ltd) in Dundee.  I thought working in Scotland would be really interesting – for a start the language is English, which I can speak. And I knew the gaming industry was well established here.

Working at eeGeo (now WRLD3D Ltd)

It’s a start-up company – and that’s very exciting and full of possibilities.

The information they sent me about the way they work was appealing.  As a Senior Software Engineer you work on every part of a project so you understand all aspects of it.  It’s the perfect opportunity to broaden my skills and learn new things.

Living in Scotland

Scotland’s cities are very cosmopolitan - and I really like that. The people are very friendly and welcoming. And during the weekends there’s always something to do.

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