Mateusz A Tyrk, Polish National, Living and Working in Scotland

Cześć, my name is Mateusz. Scotland is a welcoming country where there are lots of great outdoor activities to enjoy.

Mateusz Tyrk

Why work in Scotland?

In 2012, my girlfriend chose to do a PhD at the University of St Andrews. I had recently completed my MSc Eng in Applied Physics from Gdańsk University of Technology and moving from Poland to Scotland appealed to us both. 

Scotland is renowned as one of the leading centres for photonics and there were a lack of opportunities in the sector back home in Gdańsk. 
It only took me about a month to find a job in my field – I worked as a Laser Systems Engineer for six months in Glasgow. I then moved to the University of Dundee as an Early Stage Researcher for the Marie Curie Fellowship on a project called LA³NET.

In 2016 I joined PowerPhotonic in Dalgety Bay, Fife. Scotland’s photonics sector is going from strength to strength and it’s a great place to progress my career and learn about new laser products and technologies.  

Working at PowerPhotonic

I’ve settled into my role as an Applications Engineer now I’ve been here for over six months. I enjoy working with customers to make products to integrate with their applications and my job is a good mix of sales and technical work on precision micro-optics. 

PowerPhotonic employs over 20 people which includes a number of different nationalities such as British, Polish, German and more. Everyone in the business is friendly, helpful and it’s a great place to learn in an industry that’s growing and evolving all the time. 

Living in Scotland 

I first visited Scotland with a friend to work over the summer after completing my school exams and I was struck by how friendly everyone is here. I’ve gained a lot from immersing myself in a different culture and meeting new people. 

Scotland is a great place for outdoor activities and I enjoy going for walks at Loch Lomond, hiking near Loch Earn and swimming in the North Sea in all seasons. 

The castles are great too. If I had to choose a favourite it would be Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven, which is in the north east.  

My girlfriend and I feel at home here, so we’re looking to put down roots and buy our first house together in Scotland.

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