Michal Lechtanski, Polish National, Living and Working in Scotland

Cześć! I’m Michal. My wife and I are from Poland, but we moved to Scotland when I got a job with Calnex Solutions. There are plenty of great opportunities for me to develop my career here and people are friendly and open-minded.

Michal Lechtanski

Why work in Scotland

I’m a hardware engineer at Calnex, which provides in-line test solutions for IP network technologies. It has a great atmosphere and the company’s very supportive.

I wasn’t actually applying for jobs at all when I heard from Calnex Solutions! A recruiter who had my CV called to ask if I was interested in a job in Scotland. We’d been to Scotland twice before, so we knew that we were going to enjoy it; and there are good opportunities for me to develop my career in Scotland, so the decision was easy.

Moving to Scotland

My colleagues have helped a lot with relocating. Before we moved they found me a flat, so when I arrived here it was ready. I’ve been given all kinds of information on council tax, mobile phones and where to get the internet. All the help we were given by the company was amazing and we are so grateful.

I didn’t know about TalentScotland when I moved here. Now I’ve discovered the website I must say there is a lot of information that would have been very useful for me. Particularly the work section. If anyone is considering moving to Scotland, then TalentScotland is definitely the place to go!

Living in Scotland

I enjoy living here. It suits me well and my wife likes it too.

People are really nice, open-minded and friendly, which really helped me to settle in. I feel accepted and just like everyone else here, which makes a huge difference.

From Linlithgow, where we live, you can get to Edinburgh and Glasgow easily, so there are plenty of things to do. At the Edinburgh Festival in August we saw some excellent comedians, plus a few terrible ones!

We like walking and visiting distilleries occasionally, and cycle at weekends. We cycled on the Isle of Arran, which is very steep on a bike and just recently I travelled up north to the Highlands. It’s so beautiful!
I would recommend coming to Scotland to anyone. I love it here.