Omid Darani, Iranian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Salam! I’m Omid. I moved from Iran to Scotland and work at Outplay Entertainment. It’s exciting – I’m developing my skills working on games for Facebook and mobile. I’m also mastering making Scottish cuisine – haggis anyone?

Omid Darani Outplay Entertainment

Iranian games programmer Omid originally came to Scotland to study then got a job at the multi award-winning Proper Games in Dundee. He recently joined social and mobile game developer Outplay Entertainment, also in Dundee.  He’s enjoying his new life and has fully embraced the Scottish weather and cuisine.

Why work in Scotland?

I came to the UK after completing my studies in software engineering and computer networks.  Many graduates and skilled people from my country tend to move abroad for further education or work.  

I enjoy programming and I’m a keen computer gamer, so when I found that the University of Abertay brings the two subjects together, I decided to apply to study in Dundee.  I got in and graduated with distinction.

Abertay’s talent pool Prototype Fund helps bring employers and graduates together on specific short-term projects.  I thought it was a great opportunity so I signed up.

Proper Games was one of the companies I’d heard about when I was at university and I thought they looked pretty cool.  When the chance came to work with them on a three-month project through the Prototype Fund, of course I applied for it – and got it.  

They must have thought I was pretty good at what I did because after the project finished, they offered me a full-time job as a programmer developing products for new platforms.  I was delighted to accept.

Working at Outplay Entertainment

Although I am a hard-core consul gamer at home, I wanted to develop my professional experience working on games for Facebook and mobile platforms that attract large audiences.

Outplay is a large, rapidly expanding company that has allowed me to do exactly that.

It was also really exciting to get the opportunity to work for gaming industry legends Douglas and Richard Hare.  They have more than 20 years in the games industry and they’ve made Outplay an excellent place to gain valuable experience.

Living in Scotland

The weather in Dundee is better than in the West. In Iran we don’t get a lot of rain so when I first I came to Scotland it was quite exciting to go outside and get wet!

I’ve always loved cooking and been pretty skilled in the kitchen - so I’ve tried cooking Scottish food.  My favourite Scottish dish is haggis, neeps and tatties!   Although I can’t cook haggis from scratch - yet.