Regina Berengolts, Canadian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hi! My name is Regina. I moved to Glasgow in 2015 to work as a Data Scientist and I’m now Head of Data Science at TVSquared.

Regina Berengolts

Why work in Scotland

I chose to work in Scotland for the career prospects that were presented in the data science field and have since grown to love it for all it has to offer.

Working at TVSquared

After my time in Glasgow, I moved to Edinburgh and joined TVSquared in 2019, where I led a team of data scientists, developers and software engineers.

There are more international than Scottish employees in the office, which shows how attractive living and working in Scotland is for many different people.

The cross-cultural experience and thinking makes for a more creative work environment.

I’ve finally managed to find a place of work where I can achieve an excellent work/life balance, which has been a huge positive.

Living in Scotland

Glasgow has some of the friendliest people, vibrant music, and a fast growing food scene while Edinburgh is traditionally gorgeous, has excellent food markets, and of course the annual Fringe festival, which is an experience like no other!


Although I came here for work, I’ve quickly grown to love Scotland and have enjoyed a high quality of life with a low cost of living.

There’s so much to do here, that even after 5 years I still haven’t come close to exploring all of the Highlands and other amazing places that are just on my doorstep (Isle of Skye I’m looking at you next!).

I would absolutely recommend anyone to move to Scotland. There’s something here for everyone!

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