Seanna McTaggart, Canadian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hi, my name is Seanna. I moved to Scotland from Canada and have a much better work/life balance than back at home.

Seanna McTaggart MRC Technology

After completing my PhD in Canada, I came over to work at the University of Edinburgh as a Researcher in Evolutionary Biology. I’ve since moved into the private sector and the transition has been seamless.

Why work in Scotland?

I did my PhD in Canada and due to the lack of opportunities in the biotechnology sector, I decided to look further afield. I had two friends from Canada who had moved to Edinburgh, so I’d done all my homework into council tax, flats to rent and the best areas to move to before relocating with my husband.

Coming to Scotland was the obvious choice with the Moredun and Roslin Institutes being known all over the world and the fact there are many private companies growing all over the country. There’s strong collaboration between industry and academia in Scotland.

Working at LifeArc

LifeArc works with diagnostic assays to improve human health and I joined the company in March 2016 as a Scientist. I work in the next generation sequencing team which is made up of molecular biologists and bioinformatics specialists.

I made the change after 10 years at the University of Edinburgh as I was keen to take on a role with a more practical focus. I love working here – we have a team of 13 in Edinburgh with more staff in London and we are all working well as a team in a new area of the business. The work is challenging and interesting and my company has helped make the transition into industry an effortless one.

Living in Scotland

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, it’s a perfect size with great public transport and cycling routes. I live near the Union Canal and often cycle with my husband and children out to the climbing centre in Ratho. Scotland is a great place to raise a family and I have a much better work/life balance than I would back home in Canada.

Scotland as a country has a little bit of everything and it’s all easily accessible. I’m currently trying to get as many members of my family as possible to move here too. My advice for anyone thinking of relocating to Scotland would be to just do it and contact people here first to find out as much information as possible.

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