Stefanie Bollen, Dutch National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hoi! I’m Stefanie. I moved to Scotland from the Netherlands just over a year ago to take up an exciting role in the gaming industry with Outplay Entertainment. There's such a great atmosphere.

Stefanie Bollen

Why work in Scotland

I spent two years freelancing in graphic design and illustration at home in the Netherlands. I’ve always loved video games, but where I’m from, there’s not really a games industry.

In Scotland, there’s a huge gaming scene. Outplay matched my art style and their games really appealed. When I saw they had a job for a 2D artist I thought: ‘I have to try for this’.

I’d never been to Dundee before. It’s a lovely city.

As a 2D Artist and Animator, I design characters, backgrounds, draw maps for games and animate characters so they look right when they move. It’s an amazing job – I get paid to draw!

My colleagues are so nice. The first few weeks I worked here, my colleagues made a big effort to get me involved in everything and invited me for lunches, so I wasn’t lonely.

Right from my first month there was a huge amount of responsibility. It was good for me and helped me build up lots of experience in a short space of time.

Moving to Scotland

When I moved here, the first thing I thought was that it’s like stepping into a Game of Thrones episode! Everything is quite medieval-feeling, which I really like. There are all these vast mountains and ocean, and pubs with old-fashioned names.

Relocating went smoothly. My colleagues were absolutely amazing: one of them even got in touch before I moved and helped me find a flat.

Living in Scotland

I love the pubs and city life here and everybody’s really welcoming; people socialise a lot more, too. I’ve been trying to get my friends to apply for jobs here – I know they’d love it.

I’ve discovered I love hillwalking. We don’t have mountains at home, so I had imagined grassy slopes. When we went to Ben Lomond, and all I could see was a snow-capped peak sticking into the clouds. When my friend said we were going to walk up it I just laughed, but it was amazing.

My favourite thing about living here would have to be the people. The culture is so different from the Netherlands; here, people are happy to be sociable and chat to you. I don’t plan to move on any time soon.