Taeyoon Kim, South Korean National, Living and Working in Scotland

Annyeong Haseyo, I’m Taeyoon and I’m a Brand Protection Specialist at SnapDragon. Living and working in Scotland makes me feel that I am alive!

Taeyoon Kim Edinburgh Uni

Working in Scotland

I am a Brand Protection Specialist as well as an AI practitioner. My role is protecting my clients’ brand through Intellectual Property rights. Using AI software, finding out infringing postings in online marketplaces.

Working in Scotland makes me think that I am alive. I am from Seoul, South Korea where it is very hectic and crowded. I used to work and compete with everyone all the time and this made me sometimes forget the meaning of life - joy. I am happy that I can see big fields outside my office and my home is not surrounded by hundreds of skyscrapers.

I get off the bus and walk across the meadows in the morning. Some people are running, and pupils are going to school. I love commuting this way so I can feel the atmosphere of Edinburgh.

Living in Scotland

I met my wife when I came to Edinburgh to study English. She is from Edinburgh and she is one of the main reasons I chose to move to Scotland.

I do like the weather compared to my hometown of Seoul. Summer in Seoul is too humid and hot, sometimes over 38C degrees. Winter in Seoul is also too dry and cold, sometimes -25C degrees. Also, people in Scotland do not judge you by your appearance, everyone can wear whatever they want. I feel like I have more freedom in Scotland than I ever did in Korea.

Taeyoon Kim on arthur seat

I would recommend people moving to Scotland if they are from a very hectic country. Edinburgh is not too big and not too small. You can walk everywhere in the city centre, you can go anywhere with your car if you like living near the countryside. You can enjoy fresh and cool air.


I love the fact that Edinburgh, Scotland is less populated than Seoul, Korea. During the pandemic/lockdown I spent a lot of time at home, but house sizes are relatively bigger than my flat in Korea. But the price is five times cheaper in Edinburgh.

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